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There is hardly any part of today's car which does not require electronics. The number of electronic components installed is constantly growing and vehicles are becoming more and more high-tech – safer, more comfortable, more convenient and more environmentally friendly. And this is a growing trend. By 2015 electric components will represent 40 percent of a vehicle’s total value. More opportunities for you to profit from this growth. Ekimpar is able to offer you a constantly growing range of OE quality electrical parts to fit all European vehicle types. Our product range features many quality parts including engine electrics, body, braking, window windscreen washing and heating and ventilation components.

Ekimpar is the address of the most reliable auto spare parts in Turkey...

Discover the Hellux range:
• Engine electronics: ignition cable sets, ignition coils, crankshaft and camshaft sensors, injection nozzles, lambda sensors
• Body: steering column switches, light switches, window lifters, brake light switches
• Brakes: ABS sensors, wear indicators
• Windscreen washing: windscreen washer pumps, wiper motors, windscreen washer nozzles
• Heating and ventilation: fan motors, blower resistors, radiator fans

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